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3nity™ Elite Titanium Thermos

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USD $37.98

Original artwork by: 3nity.Store 


Weight 0.32 kg
Dimensions 6.5 × 6.5 × 22.3 cm

Titanium White

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Elite Titanium Thermos Bottle, ideal for hot or cold drinks. Comes with a filter, vacuum seal, and an anti-slip silicone mat.
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Elevate Hydration with 3nity™ Elite Titanium Thermos: Unrivalled Performance for Ultimate Refreshment!

-100% Premium Titanium Interior
-High-Grade Stainless Steel Exterior
-430 ml Capacity
-Vacuum Seal
-Food Grade Silicone Interior Seal
-5.949cm Diameter x 0.21cm Thick Anti Slip Silicon Mat
-100% Titanium Tea Filter

About 3nity Creative’s Product Selection

Our team at 3nity Creative is constantly searching for the healthiest product materials that can be used for human use. We have 3 priorities that guide our product discernment:

1.- It inspires our clients to think about and glorify God in their daily activities
2.- Use materials that are known to be the safest for human use.
3.- The materials are reusable, recyclable or biodegradable.

Why have the Elite Titanium Thermos

Here are some interesting facts about what makes titanium such a great metal for human use.

  1. Biocompatible: it does not react with organic tissue and as such has many purposes. It is used in a lot of surgical instruments and things like joint replacements.
  2. Non-porous: there is no chance of any metals leaching into the food or drinks when used in cookware.
  3. Lightweight: this makes it an ideal material to use, especially when you’re bringing drinks in your purse or backpack. (Keep in mind that the 3nity Elite Thermos has a Stainless Steel Exterior, making it heavier than a 100% Titanium Thermos. However, we were able to reduce the cost by having titanium in everything that touches the contents (interior) and only having stainless steel in the exterior where no food is touched.
  4. Extreme Strength: Titanium is extremely strong and resistant to corrosion or any form of leaching.
  5. Bacteriostasis: this means that titanium inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria, which makes it ideal for storing even dairy products.
  6. Vacuum Insulation: ensures long-lasting freshness as it prevents oxidation of contents and leaking.

Our thermos has been certified to inhibit any bacteria growth for at least 24 hours. This makes it ideal to carry contents that contain dairy products.


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Artist Information

  • Artist Store Name: 3nity.Store
  • Artist: 3nity Store 
  • Copyrights: Exclusive Licence granted to 3nity Creative Corp. Any reproduction not expressly authorized is illegal.
  • Country:

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