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This is our story

3nity Creative is a Catholic artistic and animation studio producing inspiring content imbued with christian values


Supporting Catholic & Christian Artists Accross the world

Your purchases help artists continue doing their creative evangelization work

About Us

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Our manifesto

Part of the net profits go directliy to the artist and artizans, for we believe that “The laborer deserves his wages”. We want to promote the growth of Christian art and entertainment, to bring the people of God back to Him.

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The Founder

About Us

Frida Abaroa

Executive Director


I started this store to supply Christians with high-quality products that inspire them in their relationship with God, while funding our animated series and social missions.

The profits generated by your purchases help us in our three missions:
1. to supports Catholic / Christian artists so they can continue evangelizing through art,
2. to injected into the pre-production of our animated series projects.,
3. to fund our Orphan Education program, giving them tools and education that will help them make an honest living after they leave the orphanages. (This is our attempt to help this children not fall pray to human trafficking or drug cartels.)

Thank you for being part of this mission!