3nity Creative rulles

Please, review all the following information, to make sure you meet the requirements to submit your illustrations.

  • Vector Art in Colour
  • Line Art in B&W (Vector or raster in png no background)
  • Raster
Every time you send an illustration, you must send 2 files, the original file and in extra format specified below:
  • Original File: .psd or .ai
  • Extra File: .jpg or .png (with transparency)
General Info: This dimensions enable us to use it in different applications.
  • Horizontal format: 9600 x 5400
  • Vertical format: 5400 x 9600
  • Dots per Inch: 300dpi
  1. If you want your image to be used only in one specific product application, please check our templates here. If you use one of our templates your image would only be used for that specific product application.
  2. Please note that certain products require only a specific type of image. For example, for the insulated bottles that have laser printing only vector line art can be used. Each template specifies which type of art can be used in it.
  3. All images that have characters which are meant to be used in hoodies, drinkware (insulated bottles, cups, etc) and phone or iPad cases must have the characters in full body. You are free to display the character in any position, but the body has to be complete with no cuts. If you want to show just a bust design of the character, you have to display it within a frame, such as a circle.

Illustration Name

  • You need to fill in the “Illustration Name” field, the way you want it to be shown to the public.